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Product review by Fishing in WA

Ok, so a member of ours had a brain wave and invented a new fishing device. He sent it to me and asked me to review it for him, good or bad. He then sent one to me and the other night I had the opportunity to test it at the South Mole. Let me start by asking you a question. Have you ever been rock fishing and taken ages to find the right place to put your rod holder? I know I do every time. I am a strong believer in live baiting and this requires a secure rod holder. I hate trying to find spots, especially when it means my rod is now over 10m away. This is where the "Rock Steady Rod Holder" took over. When deflated it fitted nicely into my tackle bag. I took it out, found the closest gap between the rock, inserted the rod holder, blew it up and there it was the perfect rod holder. The canvas outer makes it durable and it conforms to the hole in the rock. The inner section holds the rod holder tube perfectly and I will never go rock fishing without it again. It held the rod all night, even when my Yellow Tail got smashed with a blistering run. Not only that but my rod and rod holder remain in one piece and undamaged. Baiting was easy and overall I would give it 4.5 fish (out of 5) My mates all want one after seeing how easy it was. All this was only $28. Check out the website for more info. Splatty

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