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Fishing rod holder

Sick of damaging your rod? You will always have somewhere safe to put your rod with a Rocksteady rod holder

How it works

Step 1. Locate a suitable gap between two rocks (Ideally between 7 to 15cm wide). Step 2. Insert PVC rod holder into the 'Rocksteady rod holder'. Step 3. Place both into the chosen gap and inflate. Step 4. While keeping your mouth closed around the valve, kink the tube to prevent air escaping while you close the valve. Step 5. Relax and fish.

Rock steady even under load

The Rocksteady Rod Holder will live up to its name, holding your rod steady even under full load

Tested and Proven

The Rocksteady Rod Holder has been tested and proven in the toughest conditions.

Original Aussie invention

The Rocksteady rod holder is an original Aussie invention. Weighing less than 350g Rocksteady rod holders fold away to a small size, easily fitting in your tackle box. You wont leave home without it

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